The Story of Byeongangsoe 2016:
In Search of Humanity
변강쇠歌 2015: 사람을 찾아서

Four- channel video installation with sound and moving spotlights installation
color/sound, 24min

Produced by
Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture
Samoso / Real DMZ Project 2015

Supported by
Art Space Pool
Okinawa Creator's Village

South Korea
Gangwon-do Cheorwon Civilian Control Zone
DMZ Korea Demilitarised Zone
Woljeong-ri Station
The Icecream Highland
The Storage for ice
The Former North Korea Labor-Party Headquarters
Agricultural Products Inspection Bureau
The Second financial association office
The epicenter of Korea’s contemporary history (Cheorwon’s Water Bureau Site)
Soi Mt.
The US-military bunker under Soi Mt.
Geoje POW camps
The genocide locations of National Rehabilitation and Guidance League in South Korea
충북 서산시 수석동 소탐산
충북 서산시 성연면 일람리
경기도 평택시 오산공군기지
대전 동구 낭월동 산내골령골
충남 공주시 상왕동

Ijmouden The Netherlands

Okinawa Japan
Okinawa Kadena USA Air Base
Okinawa Peace Memorial Park /The Memorial for Korean
The Cornerstone of Peace Memorial
The location of Battle of Okinawa
The Former Japanese Navy Underground Headquarters
Himeyuri Monument / Himeyuri Peace Museum
Caves of the civilians committing mass suicide
Jibi jiri gama(cave)
Mizu gama(cave)
The coast of Yomitan city
Kakazu Takadai Park / bunkers
Kouri island
Henna island
Miyaki Island
Nuchisinuji gama
Ittoman city and sugar cane farms

Korean texts used in this film are quoted in whole or in edited form from, or inspired by, the following works:
Shin Jae-hyu(1812–1884). Byeongangsoe-Ga, circa1800.
Kenji Miyazawa. The complete works of Kenji Miyazawa 1, 3. 2004.
Shun Medoruma. Droplets. 1993.
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Yukinobu Hoshino. 2001 Space Fantasia. 1985-1986
J.M Coetzee. Waiting for Barbarians. 1980

Gyorgy Ligeti
Musica Ricercata - Sostenuto, Misurato, Prestissimo 1951–53
String Quartet No. 2 - 3. Come Un Meccanismo Di Precisione 1968
Atmosphères 1961
Lux aeterna 1966
Ten Pieces for Wind Quintet 10. Presto bizzarro e rubato 1968
Ten Pieces for Wind Quintet 3. Lento 1968
Ten Pieces for Wind Quintet 9. Sostenuto, stridente 1968
Six Bagatelles for Wind Quintet 1. Allegro con spirit 1953
Aventures 1962
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Olivier Messiaen
Catalogue d’Oiseaux – 08-5e livre-L’alouette calandrelle 1956