Geegers, you and I
기거, 너 그리고 나

two-channel video installation 10min20 2018

The original script of the work ‘Geergers, you and I’ is the Japanese comic book ‘2001 Space Fantasia 夜物語, 2001 Nights’ (vol.3, chapter16: Colony) written and illustrated by Yukinobu Hoshino.
All postcards, which I used for this project, were produced between 1907-1941. There are 22 postcards in total, 15 postcards from Indonesia, 5 from Korea, 1 from Japan (the Japanese crane-drawn postcard), and 1 from the USA (the postcard with a stuffed animal). The Indonesian postcards are marked in Dutch ‘Briefkaart uit Nederlandsh- Indië’ on the backside of postcards. It can be assumed that the Indonesian postcards were made for Dutch people/Europeans who stayed in Indonesia between WW1-WW2. The Korean postcards were also made by Japanese during the Japanese colonial ear. Foreigners who stayed in Korea during Japanese colonial era, mainly Japanese, used these postcards to give their greetings to their families lived in hometowns of their own countries.
In this work ‘Geergers, you and I’, filming locations and old scenery photos of postcards are same location in Indonesia/South Korea. Between real locations and old photos of postcards, there is the time gap of 90-100 years, the past and the present. I tried to film the same location of the each postcard with the same perspective.
Some of postcards have the photos of Korean people of the colonial era. Postcards with photos of people were filmed at the place as if they would have been here at that time. For instance the building used to be POW camps in WW2, most of them are schools now, which could be assumed to be buildings where the Koreans were imprisoned who were drafted by Japanese Army for compulsory labour during WW2.
The information about the POW camps and prison in Java Island were from the website ‘‘’
The music played in ‘Geergers, you and I’ is ‘Mysteries Of The Macabre’ composed by György Ligeti. The chamber orchestra Asko Ensemble performed with the trumpet performance by Peter Masseurs. The sound in the first part of this work is ‘The sound of Earth’, which is recorded on the Voyager Golden Record produced by NASA.

The wall drawing with postcards 2018. Van Zijll Landhout Contemporary Art