Blue hope

I installed three photographs of seaside views taken in Wolmido.
The image on the left shows myself staging the legendry story of Mangbuseok, a woman who waited so long for her husband to return that she turned into a rock by the sea.

On the right, I dressed up as a bus attendant from the 1960s on a day off from work. As a bus attendant, she gave a big, cheesy grin for the camera, looking like a fresh-faced girl from the countryside trying to make it big in the city. But the fact is that she's missing a left hand and that her hard-earned vacation took place in Wolmi-do, the very island where General MacArthur landed his troops in Korea War, 1950.

I took the central photograph from an archival image marking the ‘Incheon Landing’, the famous strategic landing made by General MacArthur during Korea War, in 1950.

     Blue hope_ mangbuseokBlue hope_ mangbuseok 140cmX110cm C-print 2004 Blue hope_1950 Inchon Wolmi-doBlue hope_1950 Inchon Wolmi-do 140cmX110cm C-print 2004 Blue hopeBlue hope 140cmX110cm C-print 2004