The place in the photo is small village called Maehang-ri (meaning a village with the fragrance of apricot tree blossoms) located in the Gyeongggi Providence. In the contemporary Korea history, however, this village is ironically in the middle of hot conflict among the US military in Korea government, and the local residents over the damage compensation caused by the air force bombing in the shooting ground (KOONI FIRE RANGE). According to the Korea-U.S states-of Forces Agreement, the U.S air force bombing exercise site was designated in 1951, which was in the middle of the Korea War. Since then for fifty years, Maehyang-ri has been used as the U.S air force bombing exercising site. Maehyang-ri with such a beautiful name, became a dead village because of the still continuing bombing exercise of the U.S military.

maehang-rimaehang-ri 110cm X 110cm C-print 2005