The 16th Book of Metamorphoses
The love story of Khora, Plesiosaurus & Leviathan

The sixteenth book of Metamorphoses” is a sequel to the Metamorphoses by ancient Roman poet Ovid (Publius Ovidius Naso), which is a cosmic epic in fifteen volumes from the origin of universe to the mythic age of heroes based in the Greek mythology. Ovid had mostly portrayed the process of the universe’s birth and evolution as well as that of the transformation of legendary and historical persons from Greece and Rome based on Greek mythology.

“The sixteenth book of Metamorphoses “is an animated pencil drawing, unfolding a heterogeneous and imaginative world of science and mythology.
You can find there disparate elements put together: the Bible and Darwinian theory: the human, the dinosaur and the whale: the oil war and the ecological disaster. But it is also simply a story of love and vengeance. It is said that there has been three self-creating creatures from the beginning of the world: a human – like amoeba “Khora”, a dinosaur named Plesiosaurus and the genesis of whale, Leviathan. Deploying their innocent love story, it warns that the human greed for petroleum is slowly killing nature, the silent other, to court disaster, the revenge to human beings, which appears in the animation as Oil Deluge, that resembles “The Deluge: Noah’s Flood” from the Genesis, Bible, to engulf the whole world.

Pencil drawing animation_ HD
color / sound
13min 57